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Xiaoyao Taiji Ruler        逍遙太極尺

Based on Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang’s Hunyuan Routine + Taoist Systems

Feature: Nei Gong and Fangsung Gong    ·   Learn Yi-circle rotation around Dantain     ·     Develop internal energy (Qi)

Cultivate internal energy flow    ·     Cleanse internal organs     ·      Circle internal energy with universe     ·     Xiaoyao Taiji Ruler is supportive to any Taiji routine~ help you to use Yi and Qi    ·    It can be practiced as a standalone exercise for health enhancement ~ gain longevity

Ruler:  is a stick made of solid wood ~ 12.25-inch (length) with variable diameter.  You could start with a similar substitute.

Donation dues are $75 for a 3 week session to Level 1 Taiji Ruler

Aug. 3rd – 10th  – 17th at 3:30pm – 5pm