You will learn the following in the Street Self Defense classes:

  • Controlling ones opponent
  • Cavity Splitting
  • Points of the body or meridians
  • Disarming from weapon
  • Artery breaking
  • Uprooting
  • Iron Palm
  • Poison Hand is Iron Finger
  • Takedowns
  • Joint locking
  • Displacing bones
  • Dim Mak

Master Manuel Marquez has worked with the law enforcement programs with CHP, Lomita Sheriff, Torrance Police, Rio Hondo CHP Academy, FBI, CIA, Army, and Navy Seals and with overseas authorities in the LAW.

The complete total body cardiovascular workout program (mind & body) for martial arts training, self-defense, health, fitness, physical therapy, street fighting and devastating knockout power!

The premise of all martial arts and self-defense system that has been taught for hundreds of years is the guideline to fighting principles. Why? Because the movements they teach such as forms (katas), blocks, punching from the hips, rotation of the fist, stances, sparring, tournaments with rules bear no resemblance to what people actually do on the streets in real life situations.

While other martial arts despite their different names have much of the same curriculum such as forms (katas), sparring, stances, blocks and so forth and they also look alike except for they way they execute their movements. The distinct styles all have their own special skills for combat. Like the different styles that are taught here in the school not one style has the same way for each technique. This gives you are variety of movements in close quarters combat.

This will enable you to have a better chance to protect yourself in a real bad situation. It takes a while to learn these skills but we start you off with some good basics for hand-to-hand combat.