The Oldest Lion & Dragon Dance Team in the Southbay with the most experience.

The Shaolin Temple Chinese Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe is the best team around and has performed in and around California, and the USA and other countries since 1995. We are the oldest Lion Dance Team in the Southbay we have been trained from the original Kung Fu masters that have been teaching Lion Dance all their life. We display the Kung Fu families and their styles that we have learned from them. Most of the Lion Dance teams around the Southbay are not to experience, They have been around only for a couple of years so you will be getting the best from our team with 22 years performing all around the world and through the USA. Master Marquez has been doing Lion & Dragon Dance for 37 years himself to offer the best with all that experience.

Yo San College

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Good Day LA – Panda Express


Mas Vale Tardes – Barbara Mori


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Sasha Cohen

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past 22 Years.


San Manuel Casino

Serving such places as Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, the L. A. Convention Center, Disneyland, Staples Center, Dreamworks, Home Depot Center, USC, UCLA, Knott’s Berry Farm, Martial Arts History Museum, Yo San College, San Diego University, Harbor College, Dominguez College, Harrah Casino, Tropicana Casino, Gold Coast Casino, Pioneer Casino, Regency Casino, Riverside Resort Casino, Edgewater Casino, Colorado Belle Hotel Casino, Palm Springs Parade, Ritz Hotel Resort, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, James R. Armstrong Theater, Norris Theater, AMC Theater, Edwards Cinema, Long Beach Parade, International Shaitsu University, Beverly Hills Hotel, Loyola University. Gas Tower Sempra Energy Company, Dodger Stadium, Rowland Heights Hong Kong Plaza, Universal Hilton, Hillside Elementary, Seven Degree Laguna Beach, Fu Palace, Panda Express, Coolidge Elementary, NBC Health & Fitness Expo, Asian Expo, Lee Kum Kee Company, Lotus Festival, Lomita Founder’s Day, Saint Margaret Mary’s – Lomita Fair, Fox Studios, Taiji Festival, San Gabriel Hilton, Saint Agatha’s Church, Fairmount School, Singpoli Company, Ocean Star Seafood, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scout’s of America, Westchester Parade, L. A. Golden Dragon Parade, Riverside Lunar Parade, NBC Telemundo TV, Boy & Girl Club of America, Belmont Village Retirement Home, Season at La Habra, Chinese School Palos Verdes, Lomita Magnet School, Ever Trust Bank, Fairmount College, Chaffey College, Holiday Inn, Curtiss Middle School, Otis College Design School, Lincoln Plaza Hotel, San Manuel Casino, Sakura Buffet, Palos Verdes Country Club, Palos Verdes Art Center, Mag Tek, Pacific Palms Resort, Whittier College, American Airlines, Harbor Christian Center, Cal State University Long Beach, Normandie Casino, First United Methodist School, Sunshine Preschool, Cal Thorp School, Voorhis Elementary, Malibu Country Inn, John F. Kennedy High School, Sea Empress Seafood, Lake Elsinore 4th of July Festival, Long Beach Dragon Boat Races, IMAF World Championships, Lomita Parade, Asian Pacific Culture Center, Lomita Railroad Museum, Hemet Valley Chinese New Year’s, Villa Sorrento Retirement Home, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, China Trust Bank, Stephen M. White Junior High, Pala Casino, Whiskey a Go Go, Santa Anita Race Track, Hollywood Race Track, Mission 261, Barona Casino, Cal Poly Pomona, Misty Mays & Kerri Walsh, Cal State University San Bernardino, UCI, UCR, CSULA, USCD, We perform for the festivals of Los Angeles Chinese communities and in many local parades. Our school is the spokesman lion for Panda Express and the Tea House.

TV Shows

Mas Vale Tardes, 16th School Anniversay, 15th School Anniversary, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Show, Secret Talons of the StarsGood Day L. A., 21st School Anniversary, Dragon Circle, Mayor Villaragosa, USA Chinese Association, Channel 11, Channel 7, Southbay Chinese Show, Channel 34

DSC01931The lion dance dates back to the Han Dynasty (205 B.C. to 220 A.D.) in China and during the Tang Dynasty (716-907 A.D.) when it was at its peak. Chinese lion dancing has two traditions: the northern lion and the older southern lion. The dance is an extension of Chinese martial arts and is always performed by students of Kung Fu. In Chinese, Kung Fu means hard work and the dance is a display of the strength, coordination, and agility that come from the hard work put into practice by members of a troupe. Shaolin monks who patterned fighting systems upon the movements of animals, real or imaginary, devised Kung Fu. There are styles based upon the movements of the tiger, crane, snake, eagle, praying mantis, and dragon. Although the lion is not native to China, it is used to symbolize courage, energy, and wisdom. Unlike the fierce tiger, the lion is traditionally viewed as a peaceful creature that displays such virtues as goodness and strength. The costuming of the northern lion represents the lion dog or fu dog. This creature was known for protection and loyalty. Southern lion is a composite of many magical and mythical elements. Its five colors: black, red, green, white, and yellow represent the lions control over the five directions: north, south, east, west, and center. Its curved horn is from the phoenix; the ears and tail are from the unicorn; its protruding forehead, adorned with a mirror to dispel bad chi, and its long beard are from the dragon. Throughout the performance, the lion walks in a zigzag path in order to confuse evil spirits, which are only able to walk in straight lines. All these elements are meant to dispel bad chi, provide blessing, and guard against misfortune.


Our Lion Dance Team is known for its beautiful and strong performance we use the old with the new ways  in our shows. We don’t just dance we perform Feng Shui to the Bride & Groom for success for their future and their offspring. We use the age old time of the 5 Elements and the age of the party and do a show for that element of each person which is personnel. The other schools have the same routine for each performance as we develop a new one for each wedding.

Our school has learned Lion & Dragon Dance from Shifu’s such as Master Ark Yuey Wong from Southern 5 Animals, Master Eugene Lau from the Lau Gar Family, Master Marvin Quon from Northern and Southern styles, Master Jeff Chan from the Immortals and Master Lee Kam Wing from Seven Star Praying Mantis, Master Andy Hong from the Lau Family.

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