Master Richard Vera


SPITSMaster Richard Vera was instructed personally by and is the last personal protege of the world renowned doctor of Chinese medicine and martial art practitioner named Ark Y. Wong.

Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong  is documented as the the first person to introduce Chinese classical martial art the United States in 1921.

In order to attain the status as Shifu Ark Yuey Wong’s protege. Shifu Vera spent seventeen years of constant practice and learning and assisting at Shifu Ark Yuey Wong’s martial art academy and clinic for the sick.

Mr. Richard Vera also furthered his studies in oriental medicine and other forms of classical Chinese martial arts through private referrals given by Shifu Wong. unfortunately, Shifu Wong died in 1987, leaving Richard Vera the last and the finest of Shifu Wong’s personally trained assistance and the last of a long line of inheritors of Shifu Wong’s medicine and his Martial art.

Shifu Vera has also assisted the military and law enforcement agencies in the formation of various training programs and has been featured numerous times in various world wide martial art magazines such as Black Belt Magazine, Karate Illustrated Magazine Fighting Star Magazine and Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

Both Master Vera & Shifu Marquez breaking bricks with Iron Palm.

Master Vera is also a 2010 American Masters Hall of Fame inductee.


In the picture you have L to R Steve Baugh, Recardo, Ron Robles, Kathrine or Kit, Jerry Lee, Manuel & Richard Vera.

Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong & Grandmaster Kam Yuen taught Shifu Richard Vera & Shifu Marquez. Shifu Vera opened a school in Alhambra with Shifu Marquez the Northern Leg Southern Fist school. Shifu Vera continued to teach Shifu Marquez the Southern Five Animals now