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36 Years


We welcome you and your family to enjoy the benefits of learning the traditional Chinese fighting and healing arts of Kung Fu. We offer classes to seniors, adults, families and children. For the past 36 years we have offered our services to the public and 32 years from the Lomita location to teach them the strength and healing of the Chinese Martial Arts. Master Marquez has 53 years of experience to make sure that classes are very informative and to teach you the traditional ways of the ancient Chinese art of Kung Fu. You will learn in our school Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, General Massage, Healing the Body, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang, Weapons, Hand to Hand Combat, Meditation, Nutrition and Chinese Herbs. Which only a couple of these are offered in the other schools in this area. Get more for your money by investing in yourself for your long future with a healthy and safe life.

Master Manuel Marquez

Monk Shi Xeng Peng – 53 Years Training – 32nd Generation

sifu6thchampPractitioner of: Acupressure, Shiatsu Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Tui Na, Herbal Medicine, Chinese Healing, Homeopathic Medicine, Martial Arts Medicine.

Master of the Martial Arts of the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu: Northern Shaolin, Northern Tai Chi Praying Mantis, Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan Chen, Yang & Xiaoyao Style, Baguazhang, Qigong & Nei Gung, Southern Five Families and Southern Five Animals, Weapons & Wudang.

Taught Classes at: USC, UCLA, Cal State Dominguez, Harbor Junior College, Braille Institute Junior Braille Foundation, The Chinese Culture Center, Lomita City Park, Normandale Recreation Park.

Television: Kung Fu The Legend Continues, The Living Legends, Dragon Searching for Pearls, Return Of Hong Kong To China, Power Rangers, Hyundai Commercial, Inside Pitch, Kung Fu For Health and Self Defense, People From Around The World, Combat Tai Mantis, Chase Commercial & Music Videos.

Movies: Paper Dragons, Blade, Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2.

Degrees: 9th Northern Shaolin & Northern Praying Mantis, Master Southern Five Animals & Southern Five Families, Master Tai Chi Chuan & Master Xiaoyao Systems.


  • National Director: International Shaolin Wu-Shu General Federation Committee – China & Hong Kong
  • Head Co Chairman: IMAF – International Martial Arts Federation – World Branch
  • Head Co Chairman: IKKF – International Kung Fu and Karate Federation – Wolrd Branch
  • President: IMAF – International Martial Arts Federation – USA Branch
  • President: IKKF – International Kung Fu and Karate Federation – USA Branch
  • Vice Chairman: ISWSGFC – International Shaolin Wu-Shu General Federation Committee – China & HK
  • Assistant Technical Adviser: TV Series “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues”
  • Technical Adviser: Movie “Paper Dragons”
  • Gold Medal Winner: 11 Time World Championships 1993-2019

    1993 – USA, 1995 – Spain, 1997 – Argentina, 1999 – Hungary, 2001 – Japan, 2005 – Italy,  

    2009 – Korea, 2013 – Hungary, 2015 – Italy, 2017 – USA, 2019 – Spain

  • Hall of Fame: “Shifu of The Year” -2003 Cosmopolitan Martial Arts Brotherhood Hall Of Fame
  • Hall of Fame: “Master of The Year – Kung Fu” – 2004 USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame
  • Honor Awards: “Master of Kung Fu” – 2015 Martial Arts History Museum
  • Honor Awards: “Master Manuel Marquez Day” – Martial Arts History Museum – March 14, 2015
  • West Coast Headquaters: Zhu Tian Cai Sponsorships Program – Worldwide
  • President: World Tai Chi Day & Qi Gong Day – Los Angeles – USA – All Chapters
  • Member: Tai Mantis Association
  • Member: Southern California Tai Chi Association – USA
  • Member: Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis Federation
  • Member: Ng Ga Kuen – Southern Five Families & Five Animals – Calif. Branch – USA
  • Member: World Tai Chi Qigong Day Worldwide
  • Member: Zhu Tian Cai Sponsorships Program – Worldwide
  • Member: Tai Chi Praying Mantis Association
  • Member: USA Hatha Yoga & Chi Kung Association
  • Member: Hong Kong & USA Ching Mo or Jing Wu Federation
  • Member: World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association
  • Member: American Asian Federation
  • Member: Hong Kong & USA Chin Woo Federation
  • Member: International Martial Arts Medical University
  • Member: American Chinese Kung Fu Association
  • Member: US American Chinese United Association
  • Member: Chenjiagou Village Federation
  • Member: Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Member: US Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis Federation
  • Member: Mexico Kung Fu Federation
  • Member: Lee Kam Wing – Seven Star Praying Mantis Federation
  • Member: USA Acupressure Association
  • Member: American Feng Shui Society
  • Member: American Shiatsu Association
  • Member: USA Tai Chi Association
  • Member: International Tian Cai Taiji Federation
  • Member: Martial Arts History Museum
  • Member: San Francisco – Ching Mo Association
  • Member: Wu Style Association
  • West Coast Headquaters: Stephen Tang – Xiaoyao Sponsorships Program – Worldwide
  • Vice President: Stephen Tang – International Xiaoyao Federation – Worldwide
  • West Coast Headquaters: Hao Xinlian – Plum Flower Praying Mantis
  • USA National Champion: U.S.A. National Champion 1974- 2004
  • Gold Medal Winner: China – 1St World Wushu Festival 2004
  • Choreographer Hyundai: TV Commercial Hyundai Car – 2010
  • Choreographer Chase Bank: TV Commercial Chase Bank – Dragon – 2017
  • Assistant Choreographer MTV: Music MTV – Evangentials – Turbulent Flow – 2014
  • Board Member: TCMAF – Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation – Los Angeles
  • Board Member: ELAWKD – European Leader Association for Wu Shu-Kung Fu Development – Europe