kamkungfu                       北譚壇的拳擊系列

Tan Tui’s or Tam Tui’s combinations or (Springy Hands and Feet) is also known as Longtantui (Longstan Footplay). They were also called National or Government Exercises at the time. Their nick names are the Road or the Path. They were generally taught in most schools as physical education. It consists of 12 series falling into 6 upper ones and 6 lower ones. They are highly-rated basic boxing series in Chinese Wushu (Martial Arts). According to legend, they were handed down by a monk of the Longtan Monastery in Shandong Province, so they have the name of Longtantui Boxing. It is the Jing Wu or Ching Mo Association which is the first to be held in esteem among the old organizations that been developing Wushu.


The Jing Wu or Ching Mo used these basic for all beginners no matter who you were they came in to train. It is used in the training in these boxing series which are firm but gentle and in which forces are exerted at short torques.The important knack in practicing the Tan Tui or Tam Tui skills is to make the movements to and fro simple and coherent by training with both hands or both sides of the body. The practice is a mirror image of both sides of the body like some arts only use one side. So in the long run they equally develop the coordination on both sides of the body.