Grandmaster Wang Yan

Born in China



Dr. Wang Yan was born in China 70 years ago and was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the martial arts. She is a Medical Qigong Master incorporating Qigong exercises along with herbs, acupuncture and acupressure.

Her medical practice in her home town of Amsterdam is very busy and her list of testimonials from patients who come to her from all over the world is quite extensive. Her specialties are in weight reduction (remarkable affects), skin challenges, smoking cessation, improved eyesight, asthma, diabetes, energy boosting and many other ailments.

Wang Yan was one of the “Hundred Famous Doctors in Traditional Chinese Medical Science”, who were invited by the Chinese Ministry of Health, to attend a meeting in Beijing in 2000. The aim of the meeting was Research and Mutual Consultation on the Advancement of Traditional Chinese Medical Science.

Dr. Wang Yan is invited to speak and present at all of the major Qigong and Chinese Medicine conferences around the world. In Los Angeles, she Was elected Vice President for The World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association.

List of Wang Yan’s Achievements

1: International Recognized Awards:

Four Times Chinese Wu Shu [ Kung Fu ] Awards

Six Times IMAF World Champion of Yang’s Tai-ji Quan—Spain [95].,England [95],

Chine [96], Argentina [97], England [98], Hungary [99].

World Champion of Long tassel Sword.

Five Times Outstanding Medical Awards.—Medical Achievement, Outstanding

Medical Treatment, Outstanding medical Treatise Excellent Medical Products

Recipient of the 20th Century Award for Achievement

Three-time winner of the World Culture and Science Award

Winner of the Golden Award of Science Ability—America Academy of Sciences.

Membership in International Associations:

World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association, Vice President

International Institute for the Research of Traditional Science & Culture, Inc. Vice Chairman


IMAF World Championships in Budapest Hungary