Zhiming Han & Cynthia Hsing


Han Music Studio
Award-winning composer Zhiming Han has
proven success in more than 100 producing,
composing, scoring,  performing, and recording
projects in both China and the US for over
twenty years. He has worked with Disney, the
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, San Francisco
Symphony, Oscar-winning composers, movies,
and video game scoring. 
Concert, Education and
Entertainment Programs
Founded by Zhiming Han, Eastwest Entertainment’s
Chinese Classical Music Ensemble’s performance of
classical and original repertoires on Chinese and
Western instruments has been featured in numerous
concerts and soundtracks for over a decade, at such
performances with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, San
Francisco Symphony and Jackie Chan movies. In 2002
and 2006 , this group’s enthusiastic performance at
the LA Music Center was featured in a highlight
broadcast that aired nationally on PBS. The Chinese
Classical Music Ensemble also performs for education,
entertainment, and cultural enrichment in
performances featuring Chinese music, dancing, and
acrobatics for all occasions.

Zhiming Han & Cynthia Hsing playing for Master Marquez at his school’s anniversary.