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Grandmaster Stephen Tang will teach the Taiji Bang which helps the Qi flow in the body and mind. GM Tang will have workshops on 24 postures at $25 a session for each class. These are movements that Wudang uses for stimulation and healing of the body. These were taught to him from his teacher GM Feng Zhiqiang that is the Founder of Hunyuan Style Taiji and he was the student of GM Chen Fake from the Chenjiagou Village.


Features: Silk Reeling, Nei Gong, and Fangsung Gong (Loosening up)

·        Pattern: Each form is independent; Practice repetitively (3 to 9 times) like Qi-Gong

·        Develop flexible joints and stronger grip (you will notice the difference)

·        Cultivate internal vital energy and power (you will witness the uniqueness)

·        Improves body language with enriched Taiji flavor (you will feel the effectiveness)

·        A great warm up routine in support of any Taiji routine or a standalone exercise for health enhancement (Taiji Bang is user friendly. It’s a great company for seniors)

·        Bang: is a stick made of solid wood ~ 16-inch (length) and 1.5 inch (diameter) or similar substitute.


Bang Taiji Stick $30


Next class will be Dec. 1st at 3:30pm – 5:30pm