Master G. D. French

Master G. D. French
 In 1976 he began his formal training under Grand Master Kam Yuen at the Tai Mantis Academy, where he received his degree in Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi & Seven Star Praying Mantis.

He is also known as Fu Ren Chu.
Shifu French has been training Tai Ji Tang Lang Quan and Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan Mantis since sometime in the 1970’s. Shifu French started under shifu Liang Kam Yuen and shifu Liang Kam Yuen certified Mr. French as a shifu.
Shifu French trained under shifu Liang Kam Yuen up till 1983, when he moved to the East Coast (USA) and started teaching for himself (he stayed in Virginia until 1985-86).
Shifu French moved back to California (USA), this time to Northern California, where he started another school “Bay Shaolin Academy”.
Around this time shifu French also started training with shifu Paul Eng, and have stayed with him on and off since. Shifu Wong Lam Ling has been coaching shifu French since 1999 in the finer points of Tai Ji Tang Lang.
Shifu French has trained several other martial arts ‘s main focus is Tai Ji Tang Lang and Tai Ji Quan now he lives in Japan training with masters from there.


In 1983, French moved to Virginia and opened up a Kung Fu school and began teaching the Tai Mantis Association way.


Grandmaster Kam Yuen taught Shifu G. D. French & Shifu Marquez and all the rest in the photo.

The original Tai Mantis Association members in the South Bay school.





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