Monk Zhu Tian Xi  (Shi)                    31 Generation Shaolin Temple

Born 1943


Zhu Tian Xi was born in Dengfeng in Henan, China, at the foothill of the Shaolin Temple. He is 31st generation from the long lineage of the Shaolin Temple of China.

He became a disciple of Shaolin as a child, were he learned Kung-Fu from Master Shaun-Shu Siashi and Abbot Shi Su Xi. Also Shi Zhu Tian Xi learned the Chinese Martial Arts, Acupuncture, Chi-Kung bone treatment, and also excels in Lo-Han Chuan’s eighteen style, Hei-Hu Chuan, Yi-Jin Jing, and Chinese herbalist.


Shi Zhu Tian Xi 31st generation taught Shifu Manuel Marquez 32nd generation here in the USA this was done in Lomita’s school in 1996 when Shi Zhu Tian Xi taught the original Shaolin Spear from the Shaolin Temple from China. His successor is Sijie Zhang in Beijing.


Master Shi De Yang – Shifu Marquez – Master Zhu Tian Xi